• GoProcMan

    GoProcMan was created to simplify the process of distributing Big Data tasks across multiple cloud providers without the need for a unified API/framework whilst also reducing the resources required compared to other containerized technologies/process schedulers such as nomad. This is achieved by providing SSH keys and using standardized web transport protocols allowing for the submission of both tasks and data in a unified docker like manner. Other note-worthy features that are in-progress to assist with my on-going research include the ability to synchronize a distributed file-system from clients to a unified instance to allow cluster based aggregation of results.

  • About me

    Hi, welcome to my blog. I am currently a PhD student within the Research Group in Computational Linguistics at the University of Wolverhampton. I am also simultaneously work in the field of facial detection/recognition. The focus of my academic research is developing novel assistive technologies to improve computer program development and comprehension. This is an area I am particularly passionate about due to my experience in industry.