Hi, welcome to my blog. I am currently a PhD student within the Research Group in Computational Linguistics at the University of Wolverhampton.

The focus of my research is within the field of assistive technologies for the C programming language with the aim of increasing developer productivity and understanding.

During this research I have been developing a number of tools to simplify and automate common processes of the NLP field as they apply to my research and I hope to outline within the blog any interesting technical challenges and provide solutions in the hope of assisting other students or individuals in the field with similar interests.

In development


NLPMet provides evaluation metrics, HTML based visualizations and other data insights from tokenized streams.


GoProcMan is a process scheduler I am currently developing and using for distributing, monitoring and scaling machine learning tasks.

One of the core goals of the project is to reduce the amount of resources required to both setup and execute jobs across a cluster of edge devices whilst maintaining an easily scalable architecture.


CPow is a modern cloud native IDE for the C programming language.

The core idea of CPow is to develop a modern powerful cloud native IDE composed of numerous micro-services that aim to accelerate a developers ability to read, write and maintain large code bases.

This technology is being developed and used currently as a test suite for the core of my research (developing Deep learning solutions to improve programmer productivity).